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Alter/Native Boxed Soap Cinnamon & Orange 95g
A warming spicy soap with added aduki beans.
Alter/Native Boxed Soap Coconut Milk & Ylang Ylang 95g
A richly lathering exotically fragrant soap bar made with coconut milk.
Alter/Native Boxed Soap Grapefruit & Mandarin 95g
A citrusy-crisp scented bar infused with calendula petals,
Alter/Native Boxed Soap Lavender & Lime 95g
A relaxing blend of lavender and crisp lime essential oils.
Alter/Native Boxed Soap Lemongrass & Chamomile 95g
A beautiful peach coloured bar infused with chamomile flowers.
Alter/Native Boxed Soap Patchouli & Hemp 95g
A fantastic scrub with a wonderful patchouli aroma and skin enriching ingredients.
Alter/Native Boxed Soap Rose & Geranium 95g
A wonderful richly moisturising soap bar with a subtle rose geranium fragrance.
Alter/Native Boxed Soap Rosemary & Lavender 95g
Soothing lavender combined with refreshing rosemary.
Alter/Native Coconut & Argan Oil Glycerine Soap 90g
A tropical and luxurious blend of exotic oils with a sweet floral scent.
Alter/Native Hemp & Jasmine Musk Glycerine Soap 90g
A rich and moisturising soap with Hemp, Jasmine musk, wheat germ & jasmine flowers.
Alter/Native Lavender & Geranium Glycerin Soap 90g
A gentle and relaxing combination of oils blended to help bring calm and harmony.
Alter/Native Patchouli & Sandalwood Glycerine Soap 90g
A rich earthy and exotic blend of exotic oils perfect for pampering.
Alter/Native Pink Grapefruit Glycerin Soap 90g
A soothing and gently cleansing soap with a citrus zing.
Alter/Native Rose & Geranium Glycerine  Soap 90g
A gentle and relaxing soap which is perfect for dry skin.
Alter/Native Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Glycerine Soap 90g
Naturally antiseptic and deeply nourishing soap tea tree & aloe vera with lime & lemongrass.
Faith in Nature Coconut Soap 100g
Traditionally made pure vegetable soap with organic coconut.
Faith in Nature Lavender Soap 100g
Traditionally made pure vegetable soap with lavender.
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