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Sea Vegetables

A deliciously versatile savoury ingredient, seaweeds are part of the wild sea vegetable family. Just like land vegetables, there’s a whole rainbow of colours, textures and tastes out there, from sweetly mild to richly smoked, so that means there’s a leaf for everyone.Seaweeds are a naturally nourishing superfood packed with all the vitamins and minerals we need to live. There is zero bad stuff, just pure goodness whether enjoyed raw or in recipes.
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Clearspring Agar Flakes 28g
Traditional Japanese Sea Vegetable Gelling Agent.
Clearspring Green Nori Sprinkle 20g
Green Nori Seaweed Sprinkle
Clearspring Japanese Arame 50g
Japanese Arame Seaweed
Clearspring Nori 25g
Untoasted Nori Seaweed.
Clearspring Sea Vegetable Salad 25g
Mixed Sea Vegetable Salad
Clearspring Toasted Nori Strips 13.5g
Toasted Nori Seaweed.
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