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Dried Beans & Lentils

Beans and pulses ...
are a wonderful way of adding extra protein and fibre to your diet. They can be used in all kinds of dishes such as casseroles and stews and can also be used in salads. Some beans need pre-soaking prior to cooking so be sure to check before using them.
Red Kidney Beans contain toxins and must be boiled vigorously for 10-15 minutes before being left to simmer. 

Try cooking dried beans in bulk and then freezing them in small quantities for when you want to use them - much cheaper than buying them in tins.
If you own a pressure cooker, most beans will only take approx 10 minutes to cook. For best results, cook the beans and then let the pressure reduce slowly. This will help to avoid the skins on the beans splitting.
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Aduki Beans Organic
Organic Aduki Beans.
From: £3.42
Black-Eyed Beans Non-Organic
Non-Organic Black-Eyed Beans
From: £6.70
Black Beluga Lentils Organic
Organic Whole Black Beluga Lentils.
From: £5.22
Black Turtle Beans Organic
Organic Black Turtle Beans.
From: £2.88
Butter Beans Organic
Organic Butter Beans.
From: £5.06
Cannellini Beans Organic
Organic Cannellini Beans.
From: £4.00
Chick Peas Organic
Organic Chick Peas.
From: £3.58
Haricot Beans Organic
Organic Haricot Beans.
From: £3.84
Brown Lentils Organic
Organic Whole Brown Lentils.
From: £3.74
Dark Green French Speckled Lentils Organic
Organic Dark Green Speckled Lentils.
From: £4.92
Green Lentils Organic
Organic Green Lentils.
From: £3.20
Red Split Lentils Organic
Organic Red Split Lentils.
From: £3.58
Green Split Peas Organic
Organic Green Split Peas.
From: £3.52
Red Kidney Beans Organic
Organic Red Kidney Beans.
From: £4.10
Mung Beans Organic
Organic Mung Beans.
From: £4.40
Pinto Beans Organic
Organic Pinto Beans.
From: £3.78
Soya Beans Organic
Organic Soya Beans.
From: £2.94
Yellow Split Peas Organic
Organic Yellow Split Peas.
From: £3.16
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