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Doves Farm Cereal Flakes 375g
Crispy flakes made from a rice and buckwheat blend.
Doves Farm Chocolate Stars 300g
Maize and rice star-shaped chocolate cereal.
Doves Farm Corn Flakes 325g
Light golden crunchy Corn Flakes are made in the UK from organic maize.
Doves Farm Fibre Flakes 375g
Crunchy flakes made with brown rice.
Infinity Foods Organic Gluten Free Wild Berry Flakes 225g
Organic Gluten Free Maize and Buckwheat Flakes with Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries.
Rude Health Puffed Brown Rice 225g
Brown Rice Cereal produced using only wholegrain rice from Italy's Po Valley.
Natures Path Organic Maple Sunrise 332g
Corn, Ancient Grains and Maple Syrup in a trio of delicious crunchy textures.
Natures Path Organic Mesa Sunrise 355g
A wheat-free medley of corn, flax and amaranth blended into crunchy golden cereal flakes
Natures Path Organic Millet Rice 375g
Crispy Cereal Flakes made with whole oats, brown rice and millet and lightly sweetened with fruit juice.
Orgran Matcha & Coconut Cereal 200g
Matcha & Coconut flavoured cereal.
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