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Birt & Tang Teas

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Birt & Tang Detox Tea 50 Bags
Detox tea which blends green tea with dandelion, milk thistle and violet.
Birt & Tang EasyNight Tea 50 Bags
An exotic blend of chrysanthemum, lily and other herbs and flowers to aid relaxation.
Birt & Tang Ginger Tea 50 Bags
Ginger herbal tea combining the warmth of ginger with cloves making a stimulating brew.
Birt & Tang Ginseng Tea 50 Bags
Ginseng Herbal Tea combining the legendary potency of ginseng with other energising herbs to add zing to your day.
Birt & Tang Mulberry Leaf Tea 50 Bags
Herbal Tea made from carefully selected leaves of the white mulberry tree.
Birt & Tang Oolong Tea 50 Bags
A classic tea with a fresh smooth flavour made by using rolled and gently roasted tea shoots.
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